Wheel Talk

#216 - Maintaining a love for clay with Juliann Roush

September 16, 2023 Ryan Durbin & Becca Otis Episode 216
Wheel Talk
#216 - Maintaining a love for clay with Juliann Roush
Show Notes

Ryan & Becca are joined today by Juliann Roush while Becca is visiting her in the upper peninsula of Michigan. We discuss how she makes her very time-intensive functional work using various hand-building techniques. Her business and work has shifted a lot over the 30+ years she’s been playing with clay, but she still finds love in what she’s making. We also answer a couple listener questions with Juliann’s input. Join the three of us at Clay Con West in St. George, Utah January 12-14. See her process & finished work on various platforms and let her know we sent you!

-----Find more about Juliann business below-----
- @juliannroush
Website - https://www.juliannroushpottery.com/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/JuliannRoushPottery/

What would you do if
You had all the free clay

Listener Questions
On this episode:
I’m working on finding the right market for my work and it’s been pretty difficult. I primarily enjoy carving porcelain in a similar style to Elaine Coleman. I feel like my work is decent quality, but am struggling to find buyers. Do you have any advice for me? @thorpeceramics
- I’m wondering how you balance the need for new products versus having too many different things.  I attend a local farmers market monthly, so I try to have some staple items (mugs, spoon rests, gnomes, etc.),  while also having new things to draw people to my booth.  To be honest, new items are for my creative and skill practice benefit, too.  Just a late night throwing thought. Thanks for everything you guys produce and share with us.  @basking.turtle.designs

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