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#217 - Teaching in-person & virtually

September 23, 2023 Ryan Durbin & Becca Otis Episode 217
Wheel Talk
#217 - Teaching in-person & virtually
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Ryan and Becca compare various ways of teaching: in-person and virtually. They have both taught in community studios settings in-person and virtually on various topics. Enjoy the discussion and let us know how you prefer to teach.

Upcoming Workshops from Ryan/Becca
Throwing Efficiency with Becca - Sept 25th
Jewelry Making with Becca - Sept 27th
Cincinnati Coffee Festival - Oct 21-22

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Listener Questions
On this episode:
- Hi Ryan and Becca, love the show, especially the banter at the beginning. You recently had a person on the show talking about the business side of stuff, which was great and got me thinking of other things I don’t normally think of, particularly insurance. I know you have discussed a little about ACT insurance for shows. Have you guys discussed studio insurance? I just recently reached out to car and apartment insurance agent. I’m trying to figure out coverage and is the amount worth spending per year. Any of your thoughts would be great. Thank you so much and keep up the great work!! @portzpottery

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Listener Questions
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