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#220 - Are you feeling burned-out?

October 14, 2023 Ryan Durbin & Becca Otis Episode 220
Wheel Talk
#220 - Are you feeling burned-out?
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Ryan and Becca discuss a heavy topic today: burnout. What’s led to burnout for both Becca & Ryan, how are they feeling in the midst of it, & how do they cope with it? It’s a tough time of year for so many small business owners as the holidays approach, but we can get through this to feel good about the end of our year. Thanks for listening and best of luck to finish out 2023!

Listener Questions
On this episode:
- I’m collaborating with a friend. She’s creating designs for screen printing on mugs as well as making the screens. I’m doing the clay work (form design, throwing, handles, etc) and glaze plan. How do we sort out the money aspect? 50/50? Is there a formula for this? Any experiences you can share that would help would be much appreciated? @blacktoothpottery
- How do you track your inventory on consignment at different locations. Are there systems you've found or seen others use that you love? Are there ones you'd avoid like the plague? I love how you can track and run reports in square on items sold in person and I'm struggling to find a way to track and run reports similarly for consignment sales. @glazedconfusedcreations

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