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#222 - Building partnerships with companies

October 28, 2023 Ryan Durbin & Becca Otis Episode 222
Wheel Talk
#222 - Building partnerships with companies
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Ryan & Becca share some updates about their lively week together before getting to some listener questions and finally the topic for today: building partnerships with companies. There's no copy and paste message you can send out to the companies you'd like to partner with, but you can certainly be yourself and share how you'd make a great person to talk about their products. Best of luck if you're thinking about reaching out to some companies for collaborations.

Listener Questions
On this episode:
- Hello, love the podcast and have been listening since the beginning! This is my first question on the show. SO, I was vending a show this past weekend and dealt with a very rude, disrespectful person which was unfortunately one of the other vendors. I've had unpleasant customers before but this was another level especially since it was a vendor. Since then I've been thinking about it and wish I had handled it differently... I was very passive/defensive but wish I went on the offense a bit more. So the question is how do you deal with a toxic person at an event? Thank you! @earthengoat

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