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#226 - Kiln size matters

November 25, 2023 Ryan Durbin & Becca Otis Episode 226
Wheel Talk
#226 - Kiln size matters
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Ryan & Becca get deep into kilns on today's episode to give some insight into how you may choose your next kiln based on your studio production. They cover a range of kiln body sizes from the L&L & Skutt lines, as well as a few others along the way. Good luck if you're in the market for a kiln and let us know if you have any questions to help you make the decision a little easier. Enjoy!

Listener Questions
On this episode:
Do you use Etys ads? If so, how do you decide what listings are best to advertise, and how much money to put into ads? Thanks friends @bluenosetrading
- I would love to get a larger kiln when I expand my studio space next year and I’m totally sold on an L&L! But I don’t know which kiln to get. Can y’all do a segment (sponsored or not) on kiln sizes? I currently have a Skutt 822. Not sure I could get a much taller kiln because I’m short (5’2”) but really am outgrowing the kiln size. What’s a great next size up for potters who do “semi-production” work? @thepotterymason

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