Wheel Talk

#228 - How do you handle negative feedback?

December 09, 2023 Ryan Durbin & Becca Otis Episode 228
Wheel Talk
#228 - How do you handle negative feedback?
Show Notes

Ryan & Becca have some thoughts today about how to handle negative feedback, whether it's a customer, fellow business owner, business you partner with, or otherwise. Handling these situations can be pretty tricky and we hope you get some good insight from today's discussion. Thanks for listening!

Listener Questions
On this episode:
What's the best way to ship out 60 or more packages? Do you need to contact the post office? Do you just show up with a mischievous smile? Would scheduling a post office home pick-up thing (which I haven't ever actually done) possibly be better? @bluenosetrading
- I just finished a 3 day holiday show at a brewery (best sales to date🙌) and received an email from a customer that bought 2 of my carved winter mugs. She said when she unwrapped them the following day she saw one of them had chipped. She mentioned she was careful with her bag and knew I wrapped them up but asked if there was anyway I would replace the mug for her, and said she could maybe pay for shipping. - Have you come across this before and how did you handle it? - Does the type of item play a factor into your response? (These mugs sold out so I’d be making another for her specifically. -She spent $105 with me, before tax) - I’m reading this like she wants the replacement for free. Would you make a free replacement for the sake of keeping a positive customer experience/return orders? Vs customer having negative experience (even if based on false expectations) that could leave a bad review etc? @moonlight_mud

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