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#231 - Analyzing your best & worst Instagram Reels

December 30, 2023 Ryan Durbin & Becca Otis Episode 231
Wheel Talk
#231 - Analyzing your best & worst Instagram Reels
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Ryan & Becca try a different approach on today's episode to discuss some of their top performing (and worst) Instagram Reels over the past 6 months. We chat about what we think made them so successful, some takeaways to think about as we produce content for future reels, and why some just completely flopped. We hope this is a useful discussion as you think ahead to content creation and finding interesting snippets of the work we all do in clay.

Listener Questions
On this episode:
I have a kiln question. I have 3 kilns (one currently working) but it has a manual sitter that I have to flick switches on. Can I, or rather how difficult (or expensive) would it be to switch it over to a digital. Is it even possible or worth it? For reference I have a Gare kiln (3.5cu ft I think) with a LT-3K sitter. @grit.an.grace
- My question is related to studio visits by potential clients. If/when and how to manage them, especially when it comes to time spent and energy spent on visits when you're in the middle of projects and aren't really in the mood to have visitors. I know that some ceramists do a 'open studio' once a year, and others don't do visits at all. Maybe you could talk a little about your thoughts about the importance or non-importance of having visitors in a home studio, which type of boundaries you think are important to set, and different possibilities of managing studio visits to the curious client.  @peakstonepottery

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