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#232 - What do you look for in a workshop?

January 06, 2024 Ryan Durbin & Becca Otis Episode 232
Wheel Talk
#232 - What do you look for in a workshop?
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Ryan & Becca share insights about what they look for when seeking out workshop opportunities to expand their skills. We also share what valuable takeaways we typically come away with once we’re leaving a workshop.

Join Becca or Ryan at a future workshop they are teaching soon:
Throwing Efficiency with Becca - Jan 10
Selling at In-Person Shows with Ryan - Jan 25
Bookkeeping Workshop with Ryan - Jan 29 & Feb 10
Throwing Oil Bottles with Ryan - Apr 10

What would you do if…
a more famous ceramicist copied one of your designs.

Listener Questions
On this episode:
What product or what system do you use to package and ship your pottery? I believe I heard Amy Brummond’s episode where both Amy and Ryan mentioned they used the ram pack system. I’ve been looking for a good packaging system and I was wondering where you purchased it. @kevinsceramics

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What would you do if?
Listener Questions
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