Wheel Talk

#235 - A peek inside the Maker's Playbook with Rebecca Ickes Carra

January 27, 2024 Ryan Durbin & Becca Otis Episode 235
Wheel Talk
#235 - A peek inside the Maker's Playbook with Rebecca Ickes Carra
Show Notes
Ryan and Becca are joined by Rebecca Ickes Carra, host of The Maker's Playbook podcast and co-owner of Carra Terra, a small pottery business in Milwaukee, WI. Drawing from her 14-years as a self-employed photographer, Rebecca sheds light on the dynamics of building their pottery business alongside her husband Francesco. We cover the art of juggling multiple commitments, insights into working with a spouse, reflections on a year of selling at in-person shows, tips on pricing handmade items, and a strategic look at how Etsy fits into their current and future business plans.

-----Find more about Rebecca’s business below-----
- @themakersplaybook & @carra.terra
Listen to the Podcast - https://makersplaybook.buzzsprout.com/
Podcast Website - https://www.makersplaybook.com/
Business Website - https://www.carraterra.com/shop

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