Wheel Talk

#240 - Mobile studios

March 02, 2024 Ryan Durbin & Becca Otis Episode 240
Wheel Talk
#240 - Mobile studios
Show Notes

Ryan & Becca are back together once again and this week we're talking mobile studios! We received a question about the viability of using a mobile studio in a trailer, van, etc to assist in teaching small kid classes and selling at shows from it. Becca's insights may surprise you on this one. Thanks for the question Lilly!

Listener Questions
On this episode:
I have been trying to get a little more consistency in my drying. Currently I have a rack that is taped up with plastic but occasionally still have some cracking issues that are due to parts drying faster than others. My question is what is an optimal humidity level for drying, and or temperature? @roycroftron
- What do you think of mobile studios? I have researched this somewhat and have seen a few examples of teardrop camper studios, food truck studios parked on a small plot of land, teaching studios in a bus or van, etc. I already really hate dragging all of my stuff to shows in a small-sized SUV, and I’m only a baby potter. I’m super jealous of the flower lady who has a cute, tiny truck at the farmers markets to sell from. People LOVE her setup. I also haul all my stuff back and forth to teach kids classes. Becca, have you ever worked out of your van selling/teaching? Would a mobile studio be a good idea as a business investment vs. a brick and mortar shop when you can’t teach at home?  Do you know any potters with mobile studios? Maybe a mobile studio would come with its own costs and restrictions. Would appreciate any insight you might have on mobile studios! @tuliptreetales

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